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Two news releases this week signal a breakthrough in fusion energy generation.

Two news releases this week signal a breakthrough in fusion energy generation. Fusion energy promises nearly unlimited power. If fusion generators existed, they would make every other form of power plant obsolete. Fusion is so elusive because it requires incredible… Continue Reading →

New York City Rules for Cyclists – Expert Level

Bikes aren’t allowed on side walks. cyclist end up in the roads, where cars dominate. In a change from the usual c-class treatment, the city made a clear distinction when it created the bike paths. The bike paths were a great idea…. Continue Reading →

Why you don’t care about 2k, 4k, or OLED TVs

Customers will buy OLED simply because the price is right in comparison to other options. Consumers don’t want 2k, 4k, OLED, bend-y screens or anything else, which is why OLED is not emerging. Distributers want 2k and 4k so they… Continue Reading →

Apple: The Teflon Kid of Multinational Corporations

This is a truly an amazing company maybe even more so now with Cook in the drivers set. Pretty amazing to sit back and watch this company maneuver through all the media BS, and competition with not even a scar…. Continue Reading →

Ebola: How Long it Survives on Surfaces, and How to Kill It

How Long Does Ebola Survive Outside the Body Filoviruses have been reported capable to survive for weeks in blood and can also survive on contaminated surfaces, particularly at low temperatures (4°C). One study could not recover any Ebola virus from… Continue Reading →

Music, Happiness, and Modern Culture

What is Music The crazy thing is, music in it’s most basic form is just patterns, modified. The next thing they play is either the same riff, slightly different, or a different movement altogether, but it is defined by what… Continue Reading →

MWC 6s 330mm Quad

 Building the MWC 6s 330mm Quad Why Carbon?  For the first time building multicopters, I am able to achieve micro meter accuracy! I opted to an experimental composite substrate rather than the standard carbon fiber or the more easy to fabricate… Continue Reading →

Intro to Eagle Tree Vector on a Custom 6s Quad

A few years ago, not fearing a bit of wires, programming, and not having a big budget, I jumped in to the Multiwii environment. I learned an immense amount of technique on building, soldering, piloting, and there was a lot… Continue Reading →

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