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Watch is hideous, doesn’t do what you want, and will be a huge success

    Remember so long ago when the iPhone was announced, and so many very loud people predicting that it was DOA because the iPhone didn’t have [x] feature or didn’t look a certain way? Well here we are again…. Continue Reading →

How it feels to have the ceiling fall in on you

I live in a typical NYC apartment with cement lath ceiling and walls. I pay $1100 per month in rent, and I  always pay on time. Today, this morning, at 8:09, (I know because I just woke up and looked… Continue Reading →

So many atrocities in the world, if you are concerned with Israel then you are anti-Israel.

    I don’t speak out on this issue very often. It has been made clear to me how many of my friends and close family feel about the conflict in Gaza. There is so much wrong with this world,… Continue Reading →

If You Can Say, “I can’t breathe” Repeatedly, Then You Can, In Fact, Breathe

  if you can say “I can’t breathe” repeatedly, then you can in fact breathe Seriously, stop this illogical explanation; you, the police, and everybody. I used to feed rats 3 in a row to my python (constrictor) and the… Continue Reading →

Why are my kitchen knives so dull?

      I dare you to take one of your flat blade kitchen knives and try to cut a tomato nicely without crushing it. Can’t do it can you… It’s because your knives are dull. I don’t care how… Continue Reading →

Turnigy Multistar 30amp SimonK Overheating (like on fire…)

  If you are looking for a cheap solid option for ESCs with high refresh rates, look no further than Turnigy MultiStar 30a BEC ESC. They’re cheap powerful, pretty solid built, and flashable. Enter SimonK. SimonK is firmware specialized for… Continue Reading →

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