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Coming out as liking older men

Unfortunately, I came out as an older man lover when I was younger. I wish I didn’t. The age of my partner really doesn’t matter. If anything it clouds the meaning of the relationship. Most people don’t understand the an… Continue Reading →

TIL: Someone is buying up prime number domains

A while ago created some prime number research and visualization tools. I recently got a spark to start working in that area again. I found my self searching in Euler’s number 2.71… (number e for short). after some quick calculations, I found the… Continue Reading →

CurrentC: a horrible solution caused by some terrible companies

How both payment processes work (and the setup):   ApplePay Using ApplePay: Tap phone to NFC card payment area with and Touch ID to checkout (Finger print scan checkout!) Encrypted Device IDs stored on an independent chip inside your phone used to make purchase… Continue Reading →

Best New Bourbon Mixed Drink

The Grumpus Maximus  0.5 oz bourbon 2 dashes bitters 1.5 tablespoons sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural) squeeze in 2 lemon wedges and drop in [muddle] add a bunch of ice and 2 oz bourbon, and splash of water. Stir lightly, and… Continue Reading →

Dear CVS, RiteAid, and Walmart

So let me get this straight. The three crappiest stores in the world CVS, RiteAid, and Walmart have decided they are stopping all NFC payments systems because they complete with a extremely limited insecure proprietary payment system that is still… Continue Reading →

Two news releases this week signal a breakthrough in fusion energy generation.

Two news releases this week signal a breakthrough in fusion energy generation. Fusion energy promises nearly unlimited power. If fusion generators existed, they would make every other form of power plant obsolete. Fusion is so elusive because it requires incredible… Continue Reading →

New York City Rules for Cyclists – Expert Level

Bikes aren’t allowed on side walks. cyclist end up in the roads, where cars dominate. In a change from the usual c-class treatment, the city made a clear distinction when it created the bike paths. The bike paths were a great idea…. Continue Reading →

Why you don’t care about 2k, 4k, or OLED TVs

Customers will buy OLED simply because the price is right in comparison to other options. Consumers don’t want 2k, 4k, OLED, bend-y screens or anything else, which is why OLED is not emerging. Distributers want 2k and 4k so they… Continue Reading →

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